Life Hacks.

1. Hotels always have a bin of lost phone chargers, if you need one go to a hotel and say you lost one.

2. You can get free air for tires at Shell gas stations if you press the button on the side of the pump three times.

3. Never buy a car in it's first generation, it's just a test for the second.

4. In Walmart, hold down all four corner buttons of the credit card machine to reboot it and be a faggot.

5. If a parking spot has a handicap symbol painted on the ground but no actual sign, it's legal to park there.

6. Invest in a water purifier.

7. In the food industry, the "Special of the Day" is usually left overs.

8. If you tell them your soup isn't hot enough, more than likely they will just heat up the spoon.

9. The best selling items on the menu are on the top and bottom of the list.

10. Don't eat fish on Sunday or Monday.

11. If you have an emergency yell "fire" instead of "help". You will receive a greater response.

12. In some tall buildings or nice hotels, pressing the top two buttons on the elevator will get you to a restricted floor.

13. In Windows XP, holding down F8 will allow you into an administrator's account without a password, unless they were smart enough to go into the settings and change it.

14. When renting a car, never tell them that you're going out of state.

15. In a grocery store, always grab from the back. These are the freshest goods.

16. To control someone's smiles, breathe at the same tempo they do. Every time they smile do something with your left hand (such as scratching your face). Eventually, every time you scratch your face, they will smile.

17. Never buy games for N64, any Gameboy (excluding DS), Sega Genesis, or older gaming system. These can be played on your computer for free. Google "Emulator Rom".

18. If you have a game disc that is scratched, rent the same game and switch out the disks.

19. You can easily and safely download music by Google searching " artist/album/song goes here".

20. It is possible to create coupons that work. Google it. Do not be retarded and try to use coupons for a free Playstation 3. Stick with discounts on groceries, cigarettes, drinks, household items, or small discounts on electronic devices. Only use them in third party stores such as Target or Walmart.

21. When throwing a punch, only close your fist at the last second. You lose power and balance with a closed fist.

22. Put shoes that smell bad in a plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight. The smell will be gone.

23. If you're worried about your car getting stolen somewhere, remove the fuse from the fuel pump.

24. Boxer briefs reduce sperm count.

25. When hacking an electronic road sign, the password is always DOTS. If the machine is by Sunbelt, the username is always "sunbelt" and the password is always the number on the machine.

26. If a stop sign does not have a small square sticker on the back, it is not illegal to run it. If a cop gives you a ticket, it will be overturned in court.

27. Google Lucid Dreaming and live the movie Inception.

28. You can eat at CiCi's Pizza for free. Walk in with a group of people and they'll never notice you didn't pay.

29. Touching a spark plug to glass will spiderweb it, this is how smart people steal cars. An even smarter person will make a square out of duct tape and touch the spark plug to the glass in the square, only the duct taped area will break.

30. On an elevator, you can skip every floor and go directly to your floor by holding down the "close door" button and the button of your floor.

31. Never order a large, medium, or small soda from Mcdonalds you dumbass, order a large tea for a dollar and put soda in it.

Pro-Tip: If it's too much effort or takes up too much time, there is an easier way.